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Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time
19 July
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a dash of tackiness, badminton, being a lolcat, being free, being myselves, brave new worlds, clever art, clutch situations, cooking, dancing like on something, dieting and such, distilling myself, embracing my inner freak, embracing my inner geek, embracing my inner innards:p, feeling connected, feeling pretty, fighting depression, figuring myself out, finding purpose in life, going mildly wild, going off on tangents, harmony, kitsch, magical thinking, mildly obscure humor, mostly unpretentious literature, my dogs, my rich inner world, new experiences, new people, novelty, pretending (?) i'm retarded, random acts of kindness, running, saying yay, singing top of lungs, sleeping to dream, someone like me, songwriting, surprising people, taking pictures of yayness, tennis, the discretion of age, the exuberance of youth, the pretty, the promise of tomorrow, thrift store jackpots, touchpad skribbulzing